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Things to consider when hiring a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer

At Behzadi Law Offices, we understand that a personal injury can be traumatic and lead to other issues in your life, such as high medical expenses and lost wages due to time away from work. If someone else’s actions have resulted in a bodily injury to you in Las Vegas, you should consult a local attorney immediately.

Behzadi Law offices is experienced in not only handling automobile accidents, but also work accidents, slip and falls and other accidents resulting in injuries. Listed below are some things you should consider when hiring a Las Vegas lawyer to handle your personal injury claim.

Qualification and Experience

The first things you should consider when deciding on a Las Vegas personal injury attorney is qualification and experience. All lawyers are not created equal. A well educated lawyer with a degree from a respected institution is important, as is one experienced in personal injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be much more likely to strategize and negotiate a winning plan than an attorney without much practice in this area of the law. Your attorney at Behzadi Law Offices in Las Vegas has considerable qualification as well as experience in the field of personal injury.


Another factor to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas is cost. You may be familiar with commercials for personal injury lawyers who promise no upfront fees, or no payment should you not be compensated. This is known as a contingent fee agreement in which the personal injury lawyer agrees to accept a fixed percentage of the amount he or she recovers. While most personal injury lawyers use this type of agreement, there may be hidden charges or fees so make sure you know the attorney’s rates and methods for charging you, including any liability in case of a loss. Behzadi Law Offices has a fair contingency agreement and you will know the fees and costs from a judgment or settlement up front.


Do not neglect to research the reputations of the personal injury lawyers you are considering. Behzadi Law Offices’ consistent track record of success has earned us a reputation as one of Nevada’s most successful and respected personal injury and workers’ compensation law firms. Please note our reviews and awards.


Finally, when it comes to legal matters, jurisdiction (typically the location of the accident) is a key factor to consider. Make sure the attorney you choose is familiar with local laws and statutes. A Las Vegas lawyer who is licensed in the same jurisdiction as the accident will be able to practice (appear and file s) in the local courts. An experienced Las Vegas attorney will also have the knowledge to apply successful tactics used in similar cases in the past.

Should you hire a Las Vegas personal injury attorney?

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, call Behzadi Law Offices. Qumars Behzadi has won millions for our clients and treats each one with respect and integrity. Behzadi Law Offices will handle your claim without requiring you to pay one dollar out of pocket. Do not hesitate and contact us today to schedule a free legal consultation.