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What you should know before returning to work after a car accident

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You’ve been rear-ended. You are injured, shaken and confused, and you are probably unsure about what to do next. One step you should take is to report the incident to your employer. But when is it okay to go back to work?

Here are some things you should know before returning to work after a car accident

1. Never underestimate the impact of a car accident

Injuries from car accidents don’t always show up immediately. So, even if you believe the accident was minor or if you feel okay, make sure a doctor examines you. If you don’t, you may later regret it when injuries become apparent.

2. Focus on your health

A car accident can be a major financial setback. Many people understandably spend more time worrying about where the money will come from to cover their bills or whether they will be laid off from work instead of focusing on their recovery. Hiring an auto accident lawyer can help to relieve some of that anxiety.

A good accident lawyer can help you get compensation for your injuries as well as for lost wages, and also keep you informed of your rights, answer your questions and take on the stressful task of making a claim so you can focus on your recovery.

3. Avoid returning to work too early

You may be tempted to return to work as soon as you start feeling better. However, going back too soon can do more harm than good. Returning to work before your injuries have sufficiently healed can cause them to worsen. If your doctor says you are not able to go back to work on full duty, see if your employer will comply in order for you to recover properly.

4. Get a doctor’s note

If your doctor believes you will hurt yourself more by working your regular job duties after a car accident, get a note taking you off work (or limiting the physical activities you can do at work). That way your attorney will have a medical basis to make your lost earnings claim.

5. You can return to work before your claim is settled

Some worry that returning to work before their personal injury claim is settled could negatively affect their case or that going to work indicates that they’ve completely healed and don’t need compensation for lost wages. That’s not the case. If your injuries caused absence from work and affected your ability to earn money, you can still make a claim for any income you lost.

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