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Las Vegas Driver Allegedly Attempts Arson After Hit-and-Run, According to Police [Las Vegas]

Last month, a tragic incident unfolded in central Las Vegas, shaking the community to its core. A motorist, allegedly engaged in reckless behavior, struck and fatally injured a pedestrian, compounding the devastation by fleeing the scene.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s subsequent investigation revealed a harrowing twist: the driver, identified as Manuel Mendoza Jr., purportedly took deliberate measures to conceal his involvement, including torching and abandoning his vehicle in a remote area near Henderson.

The events leading up to the fatal collision began on April 20 near the intersection of North Main Street and Foremaster Avenue. Robert Bager, innocently navigating the streets, became the victim of Mendoza’s alleged recklessness.

Las Vegas Driver Allegedly Attempts Arson After Hit-and-Run, According to Police [Las Vegas]

Following the collision, instead of rendering aid or alerting authorities, Mendoza purportedly chose to flee, leaving Bager behind. It wasn’t until later, after investigators pieced together evidence and eyewitness accounts, that Mendoza’s involvement came to light.

In a candid interview with detectives, Mendoza reportedly admitted to his role in the tragic incident. Despite this admission, he vehemently denied any involvement in the subsequent arson of his Chrysler Sebring, which authorities discovered near Henderson.

The circumstances surrounding the burning of the vehicle, coupled with Mendoza’s attempt to distance himself from the act, further underscore the gravity of the situation.

The consequences of Mendoza’s alleged actions extend far beyond the legal realm. For the family and loved ones of Robert Bager, the pain of loss is immeasurable.

Beyond the emotional toll, there are practical considerations, including financial compensation for the victim’s family. In cases of wrongful death resulting from negligent or intentional acts, compensation may be pursued through civil litigation.

This compensation can encompass various elements, including medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

In navigating the complex legal landscape following such a tragedy, the expertise and guidance of a reputable law firm can be invaluable.

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