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Fatal Collision in Northwest Las Vegas Valley Claims One Woman’s Life, Leaves Three Minors Hospitalized

LAS VEGAS  (June 17, 2024)— In a tragic unfolding of events in the northwest Las Vegas valley, a devastating crash claimed the life of a woman and left three juveniles hospitalized.
According to Nevada State police, the accident occurred around 9:40 a.m. on Sunday when they responded to reports of a single-vehicle crash on Cheyenne Avenue, east of the 215 freeway. The severity of the incident prompted an immediate response from emergency services.

Upon arrival, a grim scene greeted the first responders. A woman was found deceased at the site of the accident, marking a sorrowful start to the day for the community.

Cheyenne Avenue, east of the 215 freeway where the tragic accident happened
Cheyenne Avenue, east of the 215 freeway where the tragic accident happened


Meanwhile, three juveniles were discovered in need of urgent medical attention and were quickly transported to a nearby hospital. The medical staff has since stabilized their conditions, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy.

The aftermath of the crash led to significant traffic disruptions. Cheyenne Avenue eastbound at the 215 freeway, along with the 215/Cheyenne southbound offramp, were closed to facilitate the ongoing investigation.

Additionally, Shadow Peak Road was also shut down westbound at Cheyenne Avenue. Authorities advised drivers to avoid the area, estimating that closures could last four to five hours as they worked meticulously to clear the scene and gather necessary evidence to determine the cause of the crash.

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Source: 8News Now