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Experienced Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers In Las Vegas

Much of our economy is fueled by the purchase and sale of products that are delivered via commercial vehicles, whether they are semi trucks, tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, construction vehicles or courier vehicles. We share the road with these vehicles and hope they are being driven by responsible drivers who take precautions to avoid accidents, injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a commercial vehicle in Las Vegas or the surrounding Nevada communities, you can rely on me and my staff at Behzadi Law to make them pay.

The Service You Need From An Attorney You Can Trust

Catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries come with a lifetime of costs; you should not settle for anything less than an outcome that provides you with the resources you need today and for the rest of your life. You only get one chance to get the compensation you need after an accident, so you better make it count.

I have extensive experience on both sides of these cases. I can use the experience I gained working for the insurance companies to make sure you have the upper hand. My goal is to make sure you get the full financial compensation you deserve for your medical bills, your pain and suffering, your lost earnings, your property damage and more.

I combine this extensive experience and track record of results with the attentive service you need during a difficult time. I will be there to answer your questions, prepare you for the process and provide you with peace of mind as your claim moves through the legal system and concludes with the compensation you deserve.

Let Us Hold Them Accountable

You should not be left to bear the burden after a negligent driver or company causes an injury. Take the first step toward the outcome you deserve by calling 702-643-4878 (HURT) for a free initial consultation.