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Dog Bites More Information

In Nevada, there are no specific non-criminal statutes governing civil or monetary liability for dog bite claims. Here, a dog bite case will be treated as any other negligence case. As such, all parties involved, including landlords that do not own the dog or inhabit the premises at which the animal resides (owned by tenants), are potentially responsible for their own negligence. See e.g., Wright v. Schum, 105 Nev. 611, 781 P.2d 1142 (1989); Harry v. Smith, 893 P.2d 372, 111 Nev. 528 (1995).  County codes governing the restraint of animals may apply the standard of care for the individual that owns and controls the offending animal. See Kaplan v. Rivera, 2011 WL 6140683 (D. Nev. 2011). In Clark County, Nevada (which encompasses the city of Las Vegas) an owner or possessor of an animal cannot “permit or allow the animal to stray, run or in any manner be at large.” Clark County Code 10.36.040.

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