Behzadi Law Has Recovered Millions Of Dollars For Clients Across Nevada Winning Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation Claims


I was in a rear-end collision in May of 2019. My friend Jesus referred me to Mr. Behzadi. When I met Mr. Behzadi I could tell that he knew what he was doing and was thorough. Over the course of my settlement he seemed to care about getting me as big of a settlement as he could. I will recommend him to friends.
— BrandonThis was my 1st accident and I didn’t know what to do. The other insurance tried blaming me. Attorney Behzadi fought against this and got me a settlement. He also reduced my bills and got me more money than I expected.

This law firm provided me with an outcome that far exceeded what I expected to get from my settlement. I’m very pleased with the service that I received from the front office to Mr. Behzadi. Mr Behzadi is very aggressive towards the insurance and very patience towards me. He is an absolute beast! If you have an work comp claim or personal injury this is the law firm to use.

Hands down Attorney Behzadi is the lawyer I could’ve asked God for. He went above and beyond to help me with an accident I wasn’t at fault for but that I was blamed for. I was desperate to prove my innocence and he did just that. Attorney Behzadi referred me to a lawyer to help me challenge the traffic ticket and helped me bring forth a witness to prove I wasn’t at fault. Attorney Behzadi is a blessing. A great lawyer, very professional, and has a big heart . He made sure I received medical attention to help me recover from injuries at no cost upfront so I didn’t have to worry about paying bills. Also so grateful because my settlement was a lot more then the 10,000 I agreed to. Thank you so much to attorney Behzadi for all his help and support when I needed it most. Best lawyer I’ve ever met!!!
— Itzel

The Bahzadi Law Firm is amazing. They Lawyer Q and his staff was/ is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They were there for me and my family in our hour of need. Being new to Vegas and having someone hit you and total your car is devastating, in many ways. They got me a settlement even though the person at fault had no insurance. Behzadi Law will work for you. It’s a great place for legal advice and help.
— DeVell

I wish I can give 10 stars. I loved the way they treated me since Day 1. They are always on top of the game. I knew I had a good case since the beginning and thought I had an idea of what I could get. I was still surprised when Q got me 4 times what I expected. I feel like I’m part of Q’s family because of the way I was treated by him, Felicia, and Osbaldo. Thanks for helping me start again. Muchas gracias!
— Ivan

I am very pleased with the services provided by Mr Behzadi. I am grateful he took the time to visit me in the hospital on multiple occasions. He took great care and was very helpful with his explanations of what needed to be done so we could move on to the next step, there was a constant line of communication and I knew if I ever had a question that he would answer them.
— Jordan

Good service and efficiency from Attorney Qumars Behzadi. Very happy with his service and he is 100% recommended.
— Yoderquis

Behzadi is an amazing attorney! He is very professional, caring, and devoted to his clients. He genuinely takes the time to listen and works hard for his clients. I’m grateful for him and all of his devotion and time he gave me!
— Melissa

Behzadi Law Firm was referred to me by my physical therapy team since this was my first accident ever and I’m extremely pleased with how Qumars and Felicia took care of us (my mother and I). They pushed for the case to be settled quickly and made sure I got all the medical treatment needed. The staff here is super friendly and very personable. Will definitely recommend!
— Jessica

I am very satisfied with the services that the attorney and the Behzadi Law Offices provide. They got me a better compensation than what I expected. I will gladly recommend them to my friends and family. He and his team are efficient and works fast.
— David

Behzadi Law has represented me for the past five years. During this time I have come to appreciate many good qualities of this law firm. Timely communication, direct responses and prompt action is what one receives from this firm. A sense of ‘family’ is felt from both Qumars and Felicia as one of the two will call you back when you need them. Clear explanations will be provided of process, timing and outcome. Should you find yourself up against the ‘WC Monster’ do not hesitate to consult with Behzadi Law, hire them and then stop the worrying and/or wondering. I highly recommend!
— Michael

I am very satisfied with the services that they provided. Without their help, I couldn’t do anything. Thank you.
— Pedro

“I would highly recommend Qumars Behzadi. I had a great experience with him. He stands by his client 100%. He got me all the help I needed. He fought hard for me with my workers comp case and his staff is great as well. They were on top of all my paperwork throughout my case.”
— Michael

I was in an automobile accident and suffered some physical injuries which will affect me for the rest of my life. The most fortunate thing resulting from this accident was meeting Qumars and Felicia from Behzadi Law Office. Behzadi law office has one of the most gracious and professional staffs everyone would appreciate. They are very kind and understanding to each unique and individual situation. They are straightforward on the reality of the case without the false promises and high hopes other firms propagate in advertising. If I ever had a question, it was always answered honestly with expert knowledge and research. I was constantly informed of everything relating to my case. If you need a law firm to fight the real fight, Behzadi Law Office is the only champion you will need.
— Paul

I was pleased with the service and speed in which this law office handled my case. I will recommend them to family and friends, just as I was recommended to them through a co-worker.
— Timothy

I was referred to Mr. Behzadi’s office by my doctor treating me after being rear ended and having my car totaled….I thought the pain would get better though as time went on it continued to get worse to the point where I could barely sit down. … My doctor strongly advised me to obtain an attorney for my own protection. Mr. Behzadi took time to explain my rights and the insurance coverage I have. He and his staff kept me posted during the process. Though I wasn’t seeking payment for pain & suffering, the attorney was able to get payment for me quite a bit above what was initially expected. I would strongly recommend Mr. Behzadi.
— Chris

I hired Attorney Behzadi for an accident that I had at work. He had to fight in the Supreme Court for me because what the company offered me was too little. In the end, he made it so the paid me what is fair. I am happy with the result.
— Maria

Very satisfied with the service of Mr. Behzadi. He was able to get us, in reductions, extra money in a timely manner. Thank you!
— Katarina

I was very pleased with the services I received with Behzadi Law. My expectations were met on all levels. Even when I saw no light, Q made me feel comfortable with the situation. There are no words! Thank you for being there for me.
— Ellen

I obtained the Behzadi Law Firm for my workman’s comp case. He and his staff were very helpful and available if I had any problems or questions. I was extremely satisfied with the results and the settlement that I received. I would highly recommend  this law firm to anyone seeking legal help.
— Thomas

It was a pleasure to have Attorney Behzadi as a legal representative to the accident I incurred. He is a people’s person. He works for the benefit of his client and he and his staff are friendly and easy to deal with.
— Felicitas

Honestly, I was very happy with Attorney Behzadi. I’m very satisfied with the money that he got for us. The staff is very nice and friendly and they explained everything. Thank you Attorney Behzadi. If I know somebody that needs help, I will refer them to you.
— Jocelyn

Mr. Behzadi handled my case in a very professional and timely manner. The settlement was met to my expectations. The entire process was thoroughly explained and kept updated. I recommend Mr. Behzadi to anyone, friends and family alike.
— Bowen

He is honest, kind, responsible, and he works faster than what I expected.
— Jose

I am satisfied to the utmost. This company never quits and are very professional. Mr. Qumars Behzadi and his team are some of the best in town and I will refer them to anyone. Thank you for everything.
— Donavin

For me it was a pleasure to have had the services of Attorney Behzadi. God has always guided me, He helped him fight this case. I thank God because he was always with him and me. I thank Him for everything.
— Marilena

Grateful for the treatment, and management, they are very professional and friendly, I wish for them to continue progressing and that they keep up the good work.
— Anely

Great law office. Thanks for all your help!
— Annita

I thank attorney Behzadi and his assistants for being able to win my work accident case. To all the people who see this testimonial, I assure you that he is committed, honest and a hardworking person.
— Joel

I had a very good experience with the attorney. He helped me out a lot with this case and if I had another case like this one, I would choose him again. I would recommend him to other people. Thank you for everything.
— Dina

Behzadi law firm was extremely helpful to me during the time of my car accident case. This was my first collision with injury and it was devastating to me and my family. I lost my car, job and had a lot of mental stress. Attorney Qumars fought hard to get me the compensation I deserved. I am forever grateful to him and his kind staff.
— Amanda

Mr. Behzadi was able to get me the highest possible payout for my injury but more importantly I received lifetime re-opening and medical treatment for my injury.
— Eric

I am very happy with what the attorney did with my case. I was supposed to get like half of the money I got now. Because of his hard work and honesty, he doubled my money and his employees are very professional and helpful throughout the process.
— Tekie

I never expected to receive any money back from this case. Thank you to everyone for all the time and hard work put into this. I truly appreciate it. You’ve all made a difficult experience so much better.
— Suzanne

Best attorney for Worker’s Compensation. He worked hard on my case to give me the best care. I recommend him & his associates to all who need help in legal issues like the one which he has helped me with. Excellent!
— Sulekha

Mr. Behzadi and his staff always returned my call quickly and they took care of all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I highly recommend Behzadi Law Offices for any legal services you need. Thank you.
— Jorge

Behzadi Law Offices’ fast and efficient service has helped me with an on the job injury. Received work compensation and medical care in a timely manner and settled my claim. They will answer all questions and their knowledgeable team’s professionalism goes above and beyond. Mahalo Behzadi Law Offices. Aloha.
— Estellita

I liked the treatment of the assistants and the attorney. They behaved well at all times. They answered any questions and doubts I had and the best part is that I dealt with the attorney at all times. They are very professional. Excellent. Thank you.
— Silvia

Mr. Behzadi was able to handle my case in a timely manner. The office was able to keep me informed about the case and instructed me about the procedures, as well as notified me about any appointments. Overall, very pleased with the Behzadi Law Office.
— Raymond

I enjoyed the service that I received from the attorney. I will recommend him to others.
— Jorge

I am very satisfied with the service I received with the Behzadi Law Firm. They do exactly what they say they are capable of doing. From 1-5, I give them a 5.
— Sydney

I am very satisfied with the work that was done by my attorney. He helped me receive the most possible and his friendly staff was very helpful. Thanks for everything. I recommend them.
— Guillermo

I hired The Behzadi Law Offices on two occasions and I’m grateful because they have worked hard on both my accidents and have gotten me the best compensation possible. Thank you.
— Alicia

I am very grateful for the work of the Attorney. Thanks for everything
— Omar

I am very happy with the excellent services that they gave me. Because when I got here, they listened and I was treated in the best way. It is the first time that a group of attorneys does it like this. Very good service and I recommend them because they behaved well.
— Julissa

For all of this being my first experience with having to have an attorney, I seriously got blessed with the best!! He was always so helpful, caring and nice. All of that on top of getting me and my son more back than I ever thought! I recommend anyone to see him! I was never left in the dark either.
— Markie

Behzadi Law Offices has provided me and my family exceptional, fast, professional service. My process was long but Behzadi Law Offices was with me all the way.
— Russ

I am very happy with the excellent services that they gave me. Because when I got here, they listened and I was treated in the best way. It is the first time that a group of attorneys does it like this. Very good service and I recommend them because they behaved well.
— Ivan

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